Ethics and compliance

Our rigorous ethics and compliance framework meets regulatory requirements and makes sense commercially. Our ethical policies meet stakeholders’ long-term interests. They help us attract high-calibre people and promote better outcomes.

Core principles

Five key principles underpin our ethics and compliance policy framework:

We act in accordance with laws and regulations. In all circumstances, we observe laws, as well as codes of practice applicable to our activities.


By emphasising integrity, we aim to eliminate any conflicts between personal and company interests. Integrity within the company ensures a climate of trust and acts as a shield against corrupt practices.


We always behave fairly and honestly. In all our dealings, both within the company and externally, we aim to be constructive and act in good faith. We always strive to provide genuine, accurate and complete information.


Our ethical framework asserts respect for the rights of individuals, their dignity and their differences, and respect for different cultures. It also extends to the tangible and intangible goods that belong to others.

Speaking Up

Our whistleblowing policy promotes no-blame reporting and safeguards anonymity. We strongly encourage staff and contractors to report any concerns, either through internal reporting channels or through Safecall, an independent external reporting line available globally 24/7.

Corporate culture

We work to embed ethics and integrity in our day-to-day operations and company culture. Neptune is committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  Our Code of Ethics and Business Integrity makes this explicit. Ethically grounded policies equip everyone to make the right decisions and abide by the highest ethical values.