Neptune’s corporate structure aims to promote a single, highly energised, deeply skilled and performance-driven team that takes on responsibility and captures opportunities.

A single, energised, highly skilled team

Neptune is a multinational business with global ambitions. We have structured the organisation to maximise our ability to act strategically and decisively without compromising local knowledge or specialist skills.

We grow our business sustainably by focusing on four pillars:  HSE excellence, entrepreneurship, efficiency and value. Our Group structure is designed to support these pillars – it centralises responsibilities and distributes decision-making.

Board of Directors

The Executive Chairman sits on the Board of Directors with representatives from CIC, Carlyle Group and CVC Capital Partners, our three main investors. The Board is responsible for setting overall strategy, reviewing performance and approving major investment decisions.

Executive management

The executive management is responsible for implementing overall strategy, managing performance and supervising day-to-day operations. Senior management team members have specific areas of responsibility. They report directly to the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Matrix organisation

Neptune combines functional and geographic reporting in a matrix-style organisation. The VP for North Africa and Asia Pacific and the country Managing Directors are responsible for operations in their respective geographic areas and report to the VP Operations while the functional senior managers oversee their respective activities internationally.


The Head of HSEQ reports directly to the CEO. This reflects the central importance the Company attaches to health, safety, energy security, environmental protection and quality control in all its operations.

An operational risk group, including the Head of HSEQ and key personnel from the leadership team, meets regularly to review operational issues and ensure that the Group’s risk management systems remain robust.