Neptune has the ability, the focus and the mindset to create value through exploration. We’re ambitious, we’re committed, and we have the financial resources to be successful.

Creating value from exploration

We aim to be a leading exploration company delivering profitable, high-quality resources.

Our global exploration portfolio is balanced between mature, lower risk areas with modest volumes and higher volume, higher risk prospects. We hold strong positions in prolific oil and gas basins.

Strategic priorities

Our exploration strategy directs our decision-making and informs our approach. We look for high-quality resources. We favour prospects with access to infrastructure, competitive fiscal characteristics and good development possibilities. We have an active programme of value-driven, near-field exploration.

We are deepening our involvement in core areas in northwestern Europe and are seeking new play-opening opportunities internationally. Our portfolio includes offshore exploration licences in productive areas of the Norwegian continental shelf, the UK and Indonesia. In Indonesia, our exploration portfolio includes underdeveloped areas with significant economic potential.

Talented people

Successful explorers bring creativity and tenacity to the task as well as knowledge and resources. Tomorrow’s high-impact discoveries will be in new plays or found in deeper targets and more subtle traps. Our world-class subsurface community is equipped to manage this complexity with integrated, multidisciplinary teams combining economists, analysts and engineers.

State-of-the-art technology

The best people need high-quality data and tools to deliver on our ambition. Our teams employ visualisation centres to display and manipulate complex volumes of 3D data. Their advanced computing systems use powerful processors with rapid data loading, high-speed networking and high-resolution graphics. All this computing power allows us to analyse and interpret more data in less time.


From prospect to discovery

No matter how detailed the geological and geophysical analysis, there is still a risk that oil or gas may not be present. The only way to discover is to drill an exploration well. We drill onshore and offshore at multiple locations to confirm prospects and appraise new discoveries.