Neptune undertakes safe, world-class project delivery to maximise our return on investment for all of our stakeholders.

Developments, projects and engineering

Neptune’s development projects aim to maximise economic recovery and optimise full life-cycle value.  We execute with pace, innovation, and excellence.

We deploy high-performing teams and accountable project management leadership to guide developments from concept through to final delivery. In every phase of every project, we emphasise collaboration, centralised intent and decentralised execution.

Detailed planning

Neptune has a wide portfolio of opportunities. Our structured development process ensures the best projects are selected for investment.

Engineers in every discipline contribute to the initial decision to drill an exploration well.  If sufficient hydrocarbons are found, they continue to work together to maximise the opportunity.  Once a concept is formed, front-end engineering design refines the prospect into a development suitably mature to achieve a final investment decision.

Managing the development process relies on coordinated, multidisciplinary teams. Our ‘team of teams’ working style promotes a unified global network with a shared sense of purpose. We train and motivate our people to act as leaders and imbue them with a sense of urgency. Highly competent and capable individuals take responsibility for projects locally and are empowered to act. Collaboration across teams fosters mutual respect, integrity and trust.


Global capabilities and local knowledge

Fast-track and complex development projects require significant front-end investment in time, energy and resources. Deploying the right people with the right skills at the right time is key to achieving the best outcome.

Local teams comprised of experts in the relevant disciplines are entrusted with key decisions. They are given the autonomy and authority to accelerate the development process. They can draw on an extensive international team that delivers focused expertise during the various phases of the development.

Supplier relationships

Neptune relies on a global network of suppliers. We foster deep-seated trust with key contractors by building long-term alliances, and cement partnership relationships based on shared objectives.


Capital resources

Development is capital intensive, but critical for long-term growth. Neptune’s international backers have access to significant capital resources. This allows us to pursue multiple, major projects in parallel, both as a primary investor and in partnership with others.

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