What we do

Neptune is an independent international oil and gas exploration and production company with a regional focus on the North Sea, North Africa and Asia Pacific.

Our business model

We work with our partners as an operator and a licensee to deliver oil and gas when and where it’s needed. We are achieving sustainable growth by optimising operational efficiency, increasing productive capacity and extending our international presence.


We explore both new and existing fields to augment recoverable reserves. Neptune has the competence, the focus and the mindset to create value through exploration. And we have the experience to back that up: Neptune people have been responsible for major finds in the North Sea, North Africa and mainland Europe.


We design development plans and implement safe projects that maximise economic recovery from our assets and optimise their full lifecycle value. We aim to produce more efficiently at existing fields and commercialise new ones. We coordinate initiatives globally and deploy multi-skilled, specialist teams locally to transform ideas into reality. We execute with pace, innovation and excellence.


We produce oil and gas at onshore and offshore locations in the North Sea, Europe, North Africa and Asia Pacific. We manage upstream operations and participate in partner-operated concessions. Wherever we operate, safety is our first priority. Our partners and customers rely on us to produce safely, efficiently and in line with international best practice.