Supply chain

We work in partnership with suppliers to deliver services and complex infrastructure.

Supply chain partners

We work collaboratively with supply chain partners to deliver the services and infrastructure that are transforming our ambitious growth plans into reality.

The strong relationships we have built with suppliers are a significant asset to the Group. We continue to prioritise the development and protection of these partnerships as we move forward to gain market share across the world.

Our established supplier network helps to support growth. Our international network of trusted, high-quality and reliable suppliers helps us to continue to grow and evolve in line with global energy markets, supporting new methodologies for exploration, development and production.

HSE performance

The quality of our suppliers has an immense impact on the growth of our company. We maintain rigorous HSE standards. Suppliers’ HSE performance must at least match these standards throughout the whole contract period. They are also expected to abide by the terms set out in our Ethics and Compliance Code. Contractors are responsible for ensuring that all are informed about these terms and agree to abide by them.

Joining our supplier network

If you are interested in becoming a supplier, we encourage you to register company information in the qualification systems listed below. As a part of our procurement procedure, we draw up lists of potential tender companies using these systems. Our primary sourcing method is by competitive tender.

Standard Purchase Conditions

Neptune Energy Business Ethics Principles for Contractor and Supplier Companies

Conditions Generals D’Achat

Suppliers to Neptune Energy Netherlands B.V.

Suppliers of temporary equipment to the Gjøa platform, Norway (Norwegian)

Suppliers of temporary equipment to the Gjøa platform, Norway (English)