L10 Area

The L10-A complex manages a large amount of the gas produced by the Dutch continental shelf.





The Netherlands



Area facts

The L10 Area comprises mature gas fields on the western side of the Dutch North Sea sector centred around the L10-A complex. The focus here is on optimising production and reducing complexity while accelerating recovery and extending recoverable reserves.

The Dutch offshore industry originated in the L10 area in the 1970s. Gas production on the Dutch continental shelf began in 1975, three years after the installation of the L10-A drilling platform. The complex now consists of four bridge-linked platforms: a drilling, a production, a riser and a compression platform. The complex includes facilities for up to 64 employees. L10-A is located 62.5 km from Den Helder.

The L10-A gathers gas from numerous fields in the area, including Neptune-operated unmanned platforms K12-C/CC, K12-D, K12-G, K12-K, L10-B, L10-E, L10-F, L10-L and L10-M.

Produced gas is dried on the riser platform before being exported through the Noordgastransport pipeline to the processing station in Uithuizen.

First gas 1975


L10 & L11a: Neptune Energy (38.57143%), EBN (40%), Rosewood (11.34454%), XTO (10.08403%).


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