The 470 km NGT network transports natural gas onshore from the Dutch continental shelf to the Uithuizen processing station.





The Netherlands



Network details

Noordgastransport B.V. (NGT) processes and supplies a significant proportion of the natural gas extracted from the Dutch continental shelf and beyond. NGT transports natural gas from fields in the North Sea through 470 km of pipeline to its onshore processing facility at Uithuizen on the Dutch northern coast. Neptune provides certain services to NGT.

The pipeline system transports gas from more than 75 separate platforms on behalf of multiple operators. It has a daily capacity of 42 million Nm3.  Annual gas throughput is around 7 billion Nm3.

Much of the gas is initially gathered at the Neptune-operated L10-A complex. It is dried on the L10-A riser platform and processed through a nearby compressor station before being transported 178 km along the seabed to Uithuizen.

Four other NGT-owned pipelines connect with the main pipeline. They bring gas from blocks K6 / K9, K12-B, L8-G, L11 and G17. A 140 km extension connecting block D15 to the L10-A riser platform was added in 1999.

Once onshore, the gas is treated at Uithuizen to remove water and impurities. From here, processed gas is delivered to the pipeline network of Gas Transport Services, which manages gas transportation for the Netherlands. The processing also produces condensate, which is transported along an 8 km pipeline to a railway yard at Roodeschool for loading onto wagons.

Operational since 1975


Neptune Energy (18.57%), Pension Denmark (40%), Viceroy Gas Transport II (20%), XTO (10.08%), Rosewood (11.34%).