FLQ Cluster

A diverse, extended area in the eastern part of the Dutch North Sea sector including oil production, HPHT development, and infill drilling.



Oil and gas


The Netherlands


30% – 60%

Cluster details

The F3-B complex is the main platform for gas and oil production in the northern part of the FLQ cluster. F3-B is located 210 km from Den Helder at a water depth of 42.5 metres. The production platform is bridge-linked to an accommodation platform with space for up to 36 personnel. A separate, unmanned oil offloading tower is located nearby.  The facility is also used to treat, store and transport third-party produced oil at Ravn in Denmark and A6A in Germany.

Q13 is at the southern end of the FLQ Cluster. This is located near the Dutch coast 13 km from Scheveningen. This was installed as a fully electrified production platform in 2013. The platform is unmanned. The oil production from Q13 is exported to shore to Rotterdam via the TAQA-operated P15c complex.

HPHT (high pressure high temperature) gas wells are also present in this area. The gas produced at L5a-D, L5-FA, L12 and L15-FA is transported via the NOGAT pipeline to the plant in Den Helder.

First gas 1992


F3: Neptune Energy (60%), TAQA (40%).
L5a: Neptune Energy (60%), EBN (40%).
L12b & L15b: Neptune Energy (30%), EBN (50%), Wintershall (5%), Dutch Gas Development (15%).
Q13a: Neptune Energy (50%), EBN (40%), TAQA (10%).
Q13b: Neptune Energy (60%), EBN (40%).


Neptune Energy