The tie-back to Njord-A will be the world’s longest electrically trace-heated pipe-in-pipe subsea development.

Development project


Oil and gas





Project details

Fenja is a subsea development located in the Norwegian Sea 120 km north of Kristiansund. The field discovery is estimated to contain 97 mmboe 2P reserves.

A development plan has been approved that combines two subsea templates with six wells. Three of these will be oil producers, two water injectors and one a gas injector. The gas injector will be converted to a gas producer towards the end of field life.

The project features a tie-back to the Njord-A platform. The 36 km subsea pipeline connecting field and host will be the world’s longest electrically trace-heated pipe-in-pipe.

Project status

As at 31/01/19

Fenja’s overall progress is to plan with execution 21% complete. Fabrication of SPS (Subsea Production Systems) and SURF  (Subsea/Umbilicals/Risers/Flowlines) equipment is progressing well and on target for the 2019 installation campaigns. Host modifications are ongoing at Stord on the host facilities Njord-A and in Haugesund on the Njord-B vessel. These are on schedule for tow-out to field next year.

Projected first oil 2021


Neptune Energy (30%), Vår Energi, (45%), Suncor Energy (17.5%), DNO (7.5%)


Neptune Energy