Cygnus Gas Compression

Two turbine-driven gas compressors on the Cygnus Alpha platform to bolster gas pressure for gas export to shore.

Development project




United Kingdom



Project details

Neptune has been supplying the UK with gas from the Cygnus field since 2016. We are now installing a gas compression unit, as originally specified in the Cygnus Field Development Project.

The compression unit is being installed on the Cygnus Process Unit platform in a two-train 50-50 configuration. Each train consists of a suction cooler, a KO drum, a compressor, a discharge cooler and a nitrogen back-up seal gas system.

Project completion is scheduled for early in 3Q 2019. First hydrocarbons will be processed at the start of 2H 2019.

Project status

As at 01/03/19

Offshore completion is scheduled for 02/04/19 with handover to operations early July 2019. Close-out is scheduled for 12/10/19 as originally planned.

Projected first gas 09/07/19


Neptune Energy (38.75%), Spirit Energy (61.25%).


Neptune Energy