Central and Eastern Germany

Oil and gas production at four primary locations, including what was the second largest natural gas reservoir in mainland Europe.



Oil and gas





Field facts

Businesses that are now part of Neptune Energy have been active in Central and Eastern Germany since the 1960s. They have drilled numerous wells at locations in East Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg and Thuringia.

Neptune operates seven gas fields and seven oil fields in the region, with 199 wells currently active. The Altmark field in Saxony-Anhalt is a particular focus. This natural gas and condensate field has been producing since 1969. When Altmark was first discovered it was the second largest gas reservoir in mainland Europe.

Other operations include the Schneeren gas field near Hanover, gas fields in Thuringia, and the Lütow, Mesekenhagen and Kietz oil fields.

Our fields are at different stages of the cycle. The Altmark gas field and the oil fields at Kietz, Lütow, Mesekenhagen and Reitbrook are mature assets.  The Schneeren natural gas field has excellent future prospects. We use our years of experience to devise the best approach for each location.

Produced oil is transported by tanker to refineries in Hamburg and Leuna. Natural gas is fed into the Erdgas Münster network and resold or delivered directly to customers.

First gas 1969


Neptune Energy interest:

Altmark (100%), Lütow (100%), Mesekenhagen (100%), Kietz (100%), Schneeren/Husum (100%), Reitbrook (100%).


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