Community relations

We work hard to win and retain public trust. We are embedded in our communities and engage with them in many different ways. We sponsor educational exhibitions, support schools and fund vital social infrastructure.

Engaging with local communities

We try to be a good neighbour and communicate openly about our activities and projects. We engage with citizens, local residents and politicians, both directly and through the media. We provide financial and logistical support for local initiatives in all our operating areas.


We support Forskerfabrikken’s summer school in Florø, Kristiansund, Stavanger and Oslo. Forskerfabrikken is a social entrepreneur who works to ensure that more children and young people become interested in natural science.

In Stavanger, we are sponsoring the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. The Museum shows the public how oil and gas formed millions of years ago. It also gives an insight into the daily life of oil and gas installations.

The Netherlands

In Rotterdam, we recently sponsored “The Offshore Experience” at the Maritime Museum. This was the first ever exhibition in the Netherlands to explain offshore operations to the general public.


We have created a VR experience that lets people visit the Cygnus complex without getting their feet wet. This tool has been popular in schools, at careers days, in the UK parliament and at major energy conferences.

In Aberdeen, we funded renovations and donated computer equipment to a local secondary school. Artwork in our offices is from students at Aberdeen University’s Gray’s School of Art. The Sue Ryder Foundation, a leading charity that provides hospice, neurological and nursing care to the elderly and disabled, is our nominated charity.


We provide financial and logistical support for social initiatives and cultural events. Recent examples include funding for local cultural heritage and nature conservation projects. In 2018, we were the corporate partner for the World Children Theatre Festival in Lingen.

North Africa

We have installed an organic water treatment facility in southeast Algeria, which is transforming the lives of local residents. They now have reliable, sustainable access to clean water.  The water treatment station, which uses reeds for filtration, is simple to set up and maintain.